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Dozzze Syrup, Apparel, and Private Labelers

A beautifully crafted syrup, created with unique natural flavors imported from France. DOZZZE turns your beverage into a mood enhancing experience. It's unique taste elevates your palate while your mind enters a calm, relaxed state. DOZZZE leaves you feeling well rested, which leads you to more productive days.

Dozzze Premium Relaxation syrup

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About Us

Female pharmacist holding a Dozzze cup and Dozzze relaxation syrup bottle.

We are a group of dedicated inventors, with a background in Healthcare. Dozzze is formulated and recommended by pharmacist.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Private Label or Custom Formula

3 beakers of Dozzze Syrup. Hi- Tech ReD flavor, MGP Green Flavor, and Actavis Purple Syrup Flavor

Do you want to start your own product line?

We gave birth to the Relaxation Syrup Industry in 2014, which has grown tremendously over the years. Although we have the best product, Dozzze, and service we are now helping other brands to thrive by keeping quality standards and premium product on market. We can make any flavor, any color, and have a variety of active ingredients from natural vitamins, industrial hemp (CBD), Kratom (where allowed) and more available. 

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